Sunday, August 14, 2011


So i am officially done with Chris. After about a month of him saying he loved me and us flirting while he still had a girlfriend, I finally realized I couldn't do it anymore. we hadn't talked in a few days and I realized it was a prime opportunity to break everything offf. I texted him and said i didn't think we should talk anymore and I thought it was for the best.All he said was ok. I wasn't expecting a huge argument or his saying how he couldn't live without me but i  I expected a little more than ok. I mean we've been talking for almost 2 years. Granted one of those ears we were dating but till. Just ok? After he said that it hit about how much of an asshole he is and I'm finally realizing how much time I wasted o him and how much I let him break my heart when I should have let go and never looked back. I feel so free and happy and at the same time I'm realizing I just lost my first love and it kind of stings even thought I know it's for the best.